5 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Mattress in Waterbury

Welcome back to the Mattress for Less blog! Sometimes on our blog, we will tell interesting facts about topics such as the history of the mattress. At other times, we give practical tips to help you get the sleep that you need. Today, we will be sharing 5 questions you must ask yourself before you buy a mattress.

What Size?

Before you head down to your local mattress store in Waterbury, it is best to have an idea for what size of mattress you want: Do you want a Twin, Full, Queen, King, or California King? The size of mattress you need depends on how many people will be sleeping in your bed on a consistent basis, as well as your own sleeping habits. For example, most couples prefer a Queen or a larger bed. A Queen can be a perfect size for a couple who like to cuddle and be close. However, if you prefer your space, a King might be a better option. If you really don’t know, we can help!

Did You Try It?

It’s easy to want to order your mattress from an online store, but are you really getting the best mattress? You might be getting a “good enough” mattress, but not the one that will give you the best night’s sleep or the support you need. Trying the mattress in person allows you to make the best choice — not an “it’s okay” decision. A mattress is a financial investment in your physical and mental health.

What’s the Small Print?

Before you sign the dotted line or provide your credit card number, you must understand the “small print.” The small print can include the mattress store’s return policy and financing options. You should also find out more about their delivery prices and all those little fees that can take a reasonably priced mattress out of your budget range.

Do You Like a Soft or Firm Mattress?

It’s easy for some to be very particular about their mattress. They know exactly what they want: the degree of softness and firmness, if they want a pillow top, etcetera. However, for some who haven’t bought a mattress in awhile or may be buying their first mattress, you may have no idea what kind of mattress you may want. The best place to start is to find out if you like a firmer mattress or a soft one, or one that is in the middle. As you look into other features of your mattress, you may decide you want one that is firmer, but has a pillow top; knowing what you like will give you and the sales associate who may be helping you a place to start.

Need a New Mattress?

It’s easy after searching for “mattress store near me” to feel overwhelmed, maybe even lazy, and decide to shop for a mattress online. However, when shopping for a mattress it is best to always see and try the mattress beforehand. If you are looking for a mattress in Waterbury, come by Mattress For Less! We offer high-quality mattresses at affordable prices. Shop our store today!