How A Bad Mattress Affects You: Part 1

When people decide to invest in something, the first items that come to mind are usually a car, house, and stocks. Odds are good it’s never a mattress. We think the idea of the mattress should be altered. A mattress directly affects many aspects of your life. It’s important you realize the importance of a good mattress and come to Mattress for LESS in Newington to invest in your sleep today.

We pride ourselves in making sure you find the mattress that will create the best dreams, and greatest nights sleep. Everyone is different when it comes to the size and the material. Our experts can find the perfect mattress for you.

We think it’s important to be aware of the ailments a bad mattress may be causing you.


If your mattress isn’t up to par, something you may be experiencing is drowsiness. Drowsiness is caused by not getting the adequate amount of sleep you need. Your mattress is preventing you from getting the sleep your body desires. This also can affect how alert you are during the day, which can slow down your productivity when you need to complete important tasks. No one wants to feel drained and extremely tired during the day. Your mattress may be to blame.

Back Pain

If you back is sore more times than not, this can be due to your mattress. Your mattress may cause you to sleep in positions that are detrimental to your back. These positions can strain, tighten, and twist your backs in ways it was never meant to be in. If this sounds like you, it might be time for a nice, soft, and cushiony mattress.


Believe it or not, not sleeping enough can lead to overeating, which then can possibly lead to obesity. If you are constantly struggling to stay asleep, or don’t feel like you are not getting enough rest, this can cause lack of energy. So you may feel more hungry during the day, without actually exerting yourself.

Problems breathing

If your mattress is pretty old, it may have unwanted allergens that can affect your lungs and throat. Dust mites do exist in all mattresses; however, they exist in large quantities on an older mattress. Dust mites can lead to unwanted conditions such as asthma and sore throats. Take precautions and update your mattress with Mattress for LESS in Newington!

Immune Health

Not sleeping enough can cause your immune system to become weak which, in turn, helps you become sick faster and more often. Make sure you are getting your suggested amount of sleep every night by sleeping on a new mattress from us in Newington.


When you have a bad mattress that prohibits you from getting your full night’s sleep, this can affect your heart health. People who don’t sleep the correct amount may have a higher risk of developing heart disease. Getting a few extra hours of sleep can make all the different when it comes to a comfortable mattress.

So, you can see there a lot of issues you can develop from not getting a good night's rest due to a bad mattress. Come to Mattress for LESS in Newington to get a great mattress at a great price. Your needs are always the priority with us, so come check out all the great mattresses we have to offer. Also, check back for our next blog: How A Bad Mattress Affects You: Part 2