How to Choose a Mattress Protector

Extend the Life of Your Mattress with the Right Mattress Pad

If you think you can do without a mattress protector, think again. There are a number of benefits that a mattress protector delivers, foremost being the extended life of your new mattress. By protecting your mattress in a variety of ways, a mattress protector is a bedding essential that pays for itself and adds a new level of comfort that is worth every dime. Knowing just what your needs are before buying a mattress protector will ensure that you purchase the correct one, promising satisfaction for what could be years of enjoyable sleep. Consider the following factors when comparing mattress protectors:

  • TYPES - Where some protectors are meant to keep out bed bugs and dust mites, others are meant to be water and stain-resistant. For those who are in warmer climates, a mattress protector that breathes can help you stay cooler at night. Other protectors keep sheets from sliding against mattress materials and still others add a layer of pillowy-comfort to a firm mattress.
  • SIZES - Obviously, like the mattresses they are meant to cover, mattress protectors come in a variety of sizes. Choose the corresponding size in order to ensure satisfaction in its use and functionality. Measure your mattress before you buy to ensure proper fit.
  • FIT - The way your mattress protector fits on your mattress is a deciding factor as to how effective it is with certain needs. A fitted pad that is attached much like a fitted sheet will do little to protect against bed bugs though it will keep your mattress clean. A zippered mattress pad completely encloses your mattress in a protective layer, making it a perfect choice if bed bugs and dust mites are a concern. Pads with elastic straps are also available for easy installation and removal.

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