How to Choose a Proper Bed Frame

Imagine what your body would be like if you didn't have a skeleton that worked in the way it does. You wouldn't be able to function or stand in the way that you do; without it even the most fit body would be lacking in correct form or usability. The same can be said for your mattress. Without a proper frame, even the most well-built mattress leaves much to be desired in ways of comfort and functionality. A good bed frame is almost as important to you getting a good night's sleep as the quality of your mattress. There are a number of factors that should be considered when buying a bed frame including design, material, size and style.

How will your bed be used?

Is the bed you are considering for nightly use, for the guest room that sees few visitors or to furnish your vacation home bedroom? Is the bed for use by just one person or two? The bed frame, its dependability and price point should match just what your needs are.

How big do you need?

If the bed is meant for use by a child, a twin bed is usually sufficient. For teens and young adults, a double or full bed is adequate. But for couples sharing a bed on a regular basis, a queen or king bed is recommended. Make sure to always use the proper size bed frame with the corresponding mattress for secure function.

What is your bedding style?

Bed frames are available in both wood and metal and can be neatly tucked away or be included as part of the aesthetics of the bed itself. Wood frames are seen in headboard/footboard styles, as platforms and with storage drawers incorporated under the mattress or as captain bed style. Metal frames are generally meant to invisibly support your mattress and are very durable, lasting for years.

Bed frames also come in a variety of styles from four post and canopies to sleigh beds and day beds. Visit our Newington Mattress for Less store location for a full selection of bed frames and headboards. Our staff is eager to help with whatever bedding needs you may have.