How to Extend the Life of Your New Mattress

So you finally did it. You rolled out of that nasty, lumpy, saggy bed of yours and got your aching body to the mattress store and bought a new mattress. Then the next glorious morning arose and you are now feeling better than you remember doing so in a very long time. So how do you keep that feeling of being truly and fully rested? How do you extend the fabulousness (get a new mattress and you'll make up your own words to describe that feeling too) that is now your every morning? By taking care of that mattress, that's how. By making sure that you are doing everything you can to protect your mattress in every way, your mattress will also take care of you. Show your love by engaging in the following on a routine basis:

  • Turnabouts more than fair play. - It's darn good sense. Rotating your mattress every two months is recommended by most manufacturers. If you have a one-sided mattress, just rotate the head of the mattress to the foot in order to ensure even wear. If you have a double-sided mattress, also flip your mattress when you rotate.
  • Provide proper support. - No your mattress isn't looking for you to agree with their decision to quit their job (we know.... silly) but it is important to the function of your mattress that you provide a good foundation for it to rest upon. A good bed frame is essential to extending the life of your mattress so don't cheap out and get one that isn't meant for the mattress you chose. If you find that the center of your mattress is not firmly set, replace your bed frame.
  • Don't jump to conclusions. - Or on your bed for that matter. Even the smallest child can break down the structure of your mattress with repeated jumping so keep all body parts in the proper positions and not treating it like an indoor playground.
  • Add a pad. - A good mattress pad can add comfy cushioning when needed but it can also help protect your expensive new mattress against spills, wear and tear and even dust mites. Keep a pad between you and your actual mattress and get the most of it for the long-term.