I Can’t Sleep. What Do I Do?

Welcome back to the Mattress For Less blog! Here you can find information about how to pick the best mattress for your sleeping needs as well as other sleep tips and tricks. On today’s blog, we are going to cover another sleep-related topic: how to create the perfect sleeping environment. Though we can survive on little sleep, not getting the sleep we need is extremely detrimental to all areas of our health and can give way for more serious illness and disease.

In some cases, sleep deprivation may be due to medical conditions that require more serious treatment. However, many people in the Waterbury, Newington, and Wallingford area find that simply making some small lifestyle changes can dramatically and positively affect their sleep. Keep reading to learn more and be sure to shop Mattress For Less for the best deals on quality mattresses that will help you sleep like a baby once again.

Four Ways to Create the Perfect Sleep Environment

Some people say they can sleep anywhere and that may be true. However, the condition of where you sleep most of the time can affect the quantity and the quality of your sleep. If you’re not getting the sleep you need, it may be time to give your bedroom a makeover.

Make It Dark

First, you need to keep your bedroom dark, some soft lighting such as that from a salt light can be fine to keep your bedroom lit while you sleep, but in general, you need a dark room. Turn off the lights, use light-blocking window coverings, and cover all other sources of light, to signal your brain that it’s time to sleep.

Keep It Cool

Keeping your room around 60-70 degrees can also help you increase your nightly Zs. Many people find opening a window, adjusting their thermostat, or using a fan keeps their room at the perfect temperature for sleep. Also, sleeping naked can also help you sleep better as pjs can keep your body warmer than is ideal for sleep.

Eliminate Noise

Though some find that TV or music helps them sleep, having noise in your room all night may impair your ability to sleep. If you must listen to music, set a timer for it to turn off. You could also try using a white noise machine to block outside noise or a sound machine to fill your room with mellow sounds to help you sleep.

Get Rid of Harsh Lighting & Put Technology In Its Place

Harsh lighting to illuminate our bedroom can also make it difficult to sleep. Before going to bed, turn out your overhead lights and consider using a lamp or twinkle lights to light your room. Also, get rid of the light created by your TV, computer screen, phone, and tablet. Though technology provides us many advantages, unfortunately, the blue light that it produces “wakes” our brains up and can keep us from sleeping.

Lastly, if you have done all these things, be sure your mattress is truly serving you. An old worn out mattress can not only make it difficult to sleep, but can put wear-and-tear on your muscles, joints, and other tissues creating discomfort and soreness. To get the mattress that you need, be sure to shop Mattress For Less at one of our locations in Waterbury, Newington, and Wallingford.