Making the Perfect Bed

If there's no place like home, there's no place better within that home than our beds. A place for relaxation, rejuvenation and respite from the outside world, our beds provide more unmitigated comfort than any other piece of furniture could. Providing a personal retreat, it is where we crave to be at the end of any given day. There are things that can ruin that experience however; the wrong mattresses, an uncomfortable pillow, scratchy sheets. Though it seems like an unnecessary indulgence, taking the time to create the perfect resting spot, a perfectly-made bed actually pays you back with an good night's sleep - allowing you to be your best during the day. Consider the time you spend making your bed into your personal haven an investment in your daily happiness. Follow these steps to making the perfect bed:

  • Choose a quality mattress. Serving as the foundation, your mattress and its comfort and durability is key to a restful sleep. Without it, all the best sheets and linens or the way you display them mean nothing.
  • Protect that mattress with a great mattress pad. A quality mattress cover also adds more of the plush feel that most desire from their bed.
  • Cover your mattress and pad with a quality high thread count set of sheets. Being the layer that comes in closest contact with your skin, the feel and luxuriousness of your sheets is what makes all the difference while laying between them. Make sure to choose a higher thread count in either Egyptian or Pima cotton. Make sure your pillow cases are of the same quality.
  • Invest in a thin quilt that adds both beauty and comfort to your bed for changes in seasonal temperatures.
  • Top it all off with a duvet cover or comforter in color themes and patterns that soothe by adding tranquility to your space.
  • Bolster pillows placed between your headboard and the top of the mattress will help to keep your standard pillow from slipping while you are sitting up in bed.

As Newington's trusted mattress store, we consider ourselves advocates of a good night's sleep; so to speak. Acting as advocates we offer the highest quality mattresses available to residents of Connecticut and strive to always be the number one source for complete bed component needs while maintaining our unmatched level of customer service.