Is it time to get rid of your mattress? If it is, you may be excited about the prospect of getting a new mattress, sleeping comfortably, and perhaps even getting some more z’s. Or maybe you are frustrated about having to get a new mattress. It means money out of your pocket and maybe your old mattress was your favorite one so far and you are sure that you can’t find a replacement. No matter your feelings, we all get to that point when everything wears out and it’s time to invest in something new.

You don’t have to be apprehensive about buying a new mattress. Mattress for Less offers affordable mattresses of all sizes and everything else that you will need to set up your perfect bedroom oasis. Also, there are some simple questions to answer before you start your search for your perfect mattress. Keep reading our latest blog post to learn more about what you should know about buying a new mattress and be sure to stop into a Mattress for Less location in Waterbury, Newington, and Wallingford. We have sales associates that can help you find a mattress that fits your needs. Check out our selections online!

3 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Mattress

What Size Do I Want?

This may be the first and easiest question to answer. There are only a few sizes of mattresses: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king. A twin is perfect for a child or young adult depending on their size. A twin XL is also a great choice for an adolescent and young adult because it is longer than the normal twin-size bed — hence the name — and can fit those who are taller. A full also provides additional room and is wider than a twin bed, a great fit for the individual looking for a bed all their own. A queen can be for an individual looking for extra space while they sleep or for the couple that doesn’t mind getting a little cozy. A king is just right for a couple who wishes to have their own space while they sleep and a California king bed provides even more room. Pick the the size you want first, and go from there.

Do I Actually Like This?

If you have owned a few mattresses you may already know what size and firmness you need. However, unlike the sizes of mattresses, firmness isn’t the same across brand names. A firm mattress from brand A may be comparable to brand B’s extra firm mattress. When picking a mattress it is always best to go into the showroom so you can get a literal feel for the mattress that you may potentially buy before you purchase. Also, when you go to the showroom, give yourself enough time to wander the store and try multiple brands and types of mattresses. Even if you think that you may have found the perfect mattress as soon as you walked into the store, you could find later that it is your second or third favorite as you take time to shop.   

What Are My Options?

You should also know your options before you go shopping. Honestly, if you come into one of our locations, we will work with you to provide you personalized service so you can get the perfect mattress. However, we do suggest sometimes doing your own research. If you have a particular joint problem, check to see if there is a particular mattress that works best for that condition. Do you tend to sleep a certain way? Look that up, too! You may be surprised at how much better you sleep on a mattress that is tailored to your needs!

To learn more about mattresses, stay tuned for upcoming posts on the Mattress for Less blog and come in and visit us at one of our top-rated locations in Waterbury, Newington, and Wallingford. We’d love to help you find an affordable mattress that you will love!