More Gifts to Go with Your New Mattress in Newington

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to start considering what gifts you want to get for all the special people in your life. Christmas and the holiday season is a great time for spoiling the ones you love and making them feel happy and complete. If you know someone in your life who loves sleeping, Mattress For LESS in Newington, have a ton of ideas to make you the best Santa there ever was. Mattress For LESS knows how important sleep is, and what better way to spoil someone than to get them a new mattress they will love to sleep in every night. However, a mattress isn’t the only component to your gift-giving ways.

Here are some more amazing things you can incorporate when getting a new mattress this holiday season.Aromatherapy

A great way to relax and get ready for dreamland is to incorporate aromatherapy. Scents like lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus are fragrances that are known to relax all senses. Something you can purchase is a diffuser, this will keep the smell going for hours without risking a hot flame in your loved one's home. Diffusers also humidify the room, so it will also help your loved one breathe easier as well. This would be a great combo gift with a new mattress in Newington.

New Bedding

What goes better with a brand new mattress than new bedding? With some many options, pay attention to your loved one's style. Try to get them a new bedding set that will match their room and personality. Make sure you also pick out a fabric that will keep them cozy all year long. Cotton bedding sets are always a nice option because of comfortability and affordability. Pay attention to your loved one's favorite color and their style aesthetic. Be sure they love your choice of bedding as much as they love their new mattress!


Pajamas are a bedtime staple at any age. Anyone will tell you how cozy they feel in a nice new set of warm and fuzzy pjs. With so many patterned options out there, shop around. Try and find a nice material and design your loved one will adore. A fun idea, if you are surprising your person with the mattress, is to give the pajamas on Christmas Eve. They wouldn’t suspect it’s part of another gift and then they will be ready for their new mattress in their amazing new pjs.


Many people love having tea, especially before bed. It’s calming, warm, and relaxes you from the stresses of the previous day. Because winter is here, tea is a great gift because it will help keep your loved ones toasty. Try out teas with chamomile. Chamomile naturally relaxes the body and of course is delicious.

At Mattress for LESS in Newington, we know how important you want this holiday season to go. Picking up the essential gifts to go with your new mattress will only show the person you love how much thought, planning, and care you put into this amazing gift. Come shop at our Newington location or shop online. We can help you find the perfect mattress this holiday season!