1. Sleep as Your New Year’s Resolution?

    Now that the new year is well underway, you may have already begun some of the changes you have decided to implement for the new year. You may have decided to change up your eating habits, plan for a trip you have always wanted to go on, and even get better sleep. While the last one many not be on the forefront of your mind and resolution list you should really reconsider. Make this the year you f…Read More

  2. Why a Mattress in Newington is a Great Gift This Christmas

    With December quickly approaching, we can certainly tell that it is some people's favorite time of the year. Christmas cookies, giving presents, and holiday traditions will be alive and well. Sometimes, people struggle with the gift-giving portion of the holiday season. Some thoughts that run through your head is; “Will they love it?” “ Is it something practical yet fun?” “ Is someone el…Read More

  3. More Gifts to Go with Your New Mattress in Newington

    With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to start considering what gifts you want to get for all the special people in your life. Christmas and the holiday season is a great time for spoiling the ones you love and making them feel happy and complete. If you know someone in your life who loves sleeping, Mattress For LESS in Newington, have a ton of ideas to make you the best Santa there ever…Read More

  4. How A Bad Mattress Affects You: Part 2

    If you have been keeping up with our latest blog series, we have been covering why it’s imperative to get a good mattress. Sleep directly affects our health, and your sleep may be inadequate because of your mediocre mattress. We at Mattress for LESS in Newington, want you to get the best nights sleep on a comfortable mattress you will be happy to come home to. Check out more ways a bad mattress …Read More

  5. How A Bad Mattress Affects You: Part 1

    When people decide to invest in something, the first items that come to mind are usually a car, house, and stocks. Odds are good it’s never a mattress. We think the idea of the mattress should be altered. A mattress directly affects many aspects of your life. It’s important you realize the importance of a good mattress and come to Mattress for LESS in Newington to invest in your sleep today. W…Read More

  6. Hard Vs. Soft Mattress: Which One Is Right For You

    When we think about choosing a mattress there are a lot of things we need to consider. The size it's going to be, will it have a pillowtop, and is it going to be hard or soft? Many people have a preference right off the bat when they think about the mattress they prefer. We at Mattress or LESS wanted to give the proper information so you can make the executive decision of Hard vs. Soft. Pro’s of…Read More

  7. Headboards that We Love for 2016

    All over the internet you'll find home decorators, furniture designers and mattress stores fawning over the next best headboards. Forgive us as we jump on the bandwagon but we're loving the new ideas coming from the top bedroom manufacturers. Though some trends for 2016 headboards are reminiscent of classic home fashions, others push the style envelope. Here are our favorite: The Tufted Leather He…Read More

  8. Are You Allergic to Your Mattress?

    The Health Effects of an Old Mattress are Nothing to Sneeze at For those plagued by stuffy noses, sore throats, itchy eyes and other symptoms of allergies but only seem to suffer at night, answers to their biggest questions about nighttime allergies couldn't come quickly enough. Where many are ready to blame common daytime allergens, there are a variety of environmental elements that lie in wait w…Read More

  9. How Your Mattress Affects Your Daily Health

    Replacing Your Worn Mattress Can Just Have you Feeling Better Ever walk long distances in the wrong pair of shoes? You know, those times you left the house with no real intention of doing any type of real activity and then found yourself walking far further than you prepared for? Remember how your feet and even your knees and hips felt afterward? Now, would you go running for hours every night in …Read More

  10. How to Choose a Mattress Protector

    Extend the Life of Your Mattress with the Right Mattress Pad If you think you can do without a mattress protector, think again. There are a number of benefits that a mattress protector delivers, foremost being the extended life of your new mattress. By protecting your mattress in a variety of ways, a mattress protector is a bedding essential that pays for itself and adds a new level of comfort tha…Read More