Simple Ways to Quiet that Squeaky Mattress

If the squeaky wheel gets the grease, what does the squeaky bed get? If you're like us, that noisy mess gets tossed.

There are few things worse, when laying down for a much-deserved respite, than to be woken by annoying sounds. Barking dogs, snoring partners, crying babies and squeaky mattresses all rank high for being frustrating interrupters of precious sleep. By disturbing your sleep patterns, a squeaky mattress or bed frame can ruin more than a good night's rest; it can ruin your whole day too. But there is something you can about it. Silence your mattress with these quick and simple tricks and tips:

  • Turn it over. Unless your mattress is a pillow-top, flipping it may just provide the needed adjustment.
  • Rotate it. If you've kept your mattress in the same position throughout the time you've owned it, it is time rotate it. Turn it so that the area where your feet were is now at your head or pillow area. This can help the mattress distribute weight more evenly and alleviate the squeaking.
  • Create a barrier. Placing either soft, noise-reducing objects around offending areas in the bed frame or hard, flat objects between the mattress and the frame will reduce friction; therefore reducing the noise that is generated.
  • Tighten it up. Nuts and bolts invariably become loose over time. If your bed frame has become incessantly annoying, try tightening the connections in your bed frame. Spray with lubricant or apply wax as an extra step in reducing noise.
  • Get a new mattress. Sometimes we just need to admit to ourselves when something is past its prime and needs to be replaced. A bed's springs and coils do wear out over the years and they will continue to squeak. As Newington's premier mattress store, we can help you find that perfect mattress that will allow you to once again enjoy a great - and quiet - night's sleep.