Sleep Hacks

For many of us, it’s normal during the day to experience a lull in energy. Maybe you feel sprightly in the morning, but you start to drag by mid-afternoon. It’s more than likely that your lack of energy is caused by general sleep deprivation and a lack of a good snooze.

Sleep is a big deal, and it can take more than quality mattresses to make sure you get the rest that your mind and body needs. With a couple of tweaks to your nightly routine and a few new habits, you’ll be sleeping better and longer in no time.

  • Put down the tablet, no texting, and no binge-watching. Ever watch a movie and then lie in bed with your mind going a million miles an hour? By doing anything in bed other than sleep or romance, you’re telling your brain to be on alert.
  • Optimal temperatures for optimal sleep are a little cooler than what you’re used to. Studies have shown that temperatures between 67-70 degrees Fahrenheit help you fall asleep faster than warmer temps.
  • Cut out sugar and caffeine before bedtime. Simple sugars can jack up insulin levels and give you energy when you need it least. Along similar lines, caffeine can boost your adrenaline. Try to cut out coffee and soda after 5 PM, and give your body time to detox and metabolize.
  • As parents, we sleep train our kids by putting them to bed at the same time every night. Turns out we should be doing the same. By going to bed at the same time, you’ll regulate your circadian rhythm and optimize the sleep cycle.