The History of the Mattress

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Today, we are going to give you a short lesson on the history of the bed. It’s easy to assume that our beds have always been made of foam or coiled springs until we have the rude awakening of sleeping on a less than satisfactory bed in a hotel or are sleeping on the ground while camping. Beds have changed a lot over the years and we are sure glad they have.

A Dirt Pit

During the Early Neolithic Age, dating back to 7,000-6,000 BC, it is assumed from recovered artifacts and cave drawings that our ancestors weren’t sleeping on feather cushions. It appears that they dug pits and lined them with grass. The size and shape of these pits seem to indicate that they slept in the fetal position. No stomach sleeping for our ancestors!

Stone Platforms

So far, our ancestors had the worst beds according to today’s standards. It seems that during the Neolithic Age, a few thousand years later, that the Scots were sleeping on elevated stone slabs. It appears that they would stack their stone slab beds with fern branches, also called bracken, and then top them with furs.

Gold Sheaths & Wool Cushions

With another couple thousand years, beds continued to improve. It seems that the Egyptians were more on the same page us when it came to nighttime comfort. According to hieroglyphs and items found in the tombs of the Pharaohs, beds during this era were made much like our beds today — except with gold — with an elevated platform with legs. In the middle of their beds were wooden slabs over which wool cushions would be secured on top with strings and reeds. We might have enjoyed the Bronze age!

A Metal Frame from the Iron Age

As you may have guessed, during the Iron Age, many beds began to be made out of metal. Because steel mostly consisted of iron, many were developing furniture, tools, and weapons using iron. Because of this, the bases of beds during this time were made out of iron. Mattresses consisted of straw and feathers. However, those less wealthy would sleep on mats on the floor.

Stay tuned to read upcoming blog posts and learn more about beds throughout history!

Is Your Bed From the Stone Age?

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