The Pillow of Your Dreams

Have you ever looked at a little baby or toddler asleep in the noisiest of rooms and been incredibly jealous? It seems so easy for them to fall asleep—even though they would rather fight taking a nap. For many adults, on the other hand, sleeping well and, sometimes, sleeping at all can seem incredibly difficult. There are many things that can cause our sleep to be less than stellar. Sometimes stress, diet, and lifestyle habits play a role in our lack of sleep and sometimes it’s due to something else such as room temperature, mattress comfort, and pillow type. Today, we are going to discuss what pillows are ideal for the way you sleep, because like many things, one pillow doesn’t fit all.

Purpose of Your Pillow

The general purpose of your pillow is to keep your neck positioned in a neutral position, meaning in line with your spine as it would be when you are standing. Though most people will move during their sleep, when you are searching for your pillow, keep in mind the general position that you sleep in. Everyone sleeps differently and some have incredibly weird sleep habits. However, most people sleep in a few types of positions: on their back, side, and stomach.

Sleep on Your Side

If you tend to sleep on your side, a pillow with a medium firmness is best for you. These medium firm pillows will keep your head in line with your spine allowing you to avoid waking up with neck pain. If you are a side-sleeper, look for a pillow that fills the space between your ear and neck.

Stomach Sleeper

If you are a stomach sleeper, you will be looking for something completely different than the side-sleeper. You will want to find the thinnest and flattest pillow. You could even opt to sleep without a pillow. Sleeping on your stomach with a firmer pillow could create major neck and back pain so finding one that keeps your head and neck in a natural position is crucial.

Other Positions

If you sleep in all these positions, you may feel that there is never going to be a perfect pillow for you. However, we live in the modern age, with technology capabilities to do just about anything. With that in mind you need to find an all-around pillow type, These pillows will not be too dense or too flat, and to quote the famous nursery tale they will be “just right.”

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