Why You Want to Put a Mattress Pad on Your Bed in Waterbury

Mattress pads might seem like an old-fashioned thing, but the truth is they can extend the life of your mattress and even make your bed more comfortable. We sell mattress pads in our Waterbury and Newington stores, and we can attest to the fact that these aren't just some up-sell gimmick that you don't really need. Mattress pads are an almost necessary piece of bedding!

First, they'll protect your bedding from stains and the oils from your body. While your sheets will protect your mattress from some of that, they offer far less protection than a mattress pad will. A mattress pad can stop lotions, oils, food and liquids from soaking into your mattress and breaking down the fibers inside prematurely. The extra layer of protection can keep bed bugs and dust mites away, too. A mattress pad can help keep your sheets in place, too, so there is less slipping and sliding while you sleep, and an additional layer of padding can make your bed even more cozy.

Mattress pads don't have to cost a fortune, either. Mattress for LESS offers standard mattress pads in Waterbury starting at $39.99. Just stop by one of our locations in either Waterbury or Newington and we'll help you find a mattress pad that's perfect for both your bed and your budget. You'll love the difference this little addition makes to the comfort of your bed as well as how long it extends the life of your mattress! Be sure to check out our other mattress and bed supplies while you are in and get ready for a terrific night's sleep.