1. Customer’s Questions About Mattresses and Bed Bugs

    Being a trusted mattress dealer in Newington, we often hear from clients regarding bed bugs and dust mites and their effect on mattresses. It should be noted that if you suspect that you have a bed bug infestation, make sure to immediately call a pest control company in the area that specializes in the treatment and eradication of the pest. That being said, here are the most common questions our c…Read More

  2. Why You Want to Put a Mattress Pad on Your Bed in Waterbury

    Mattress pads might seem like an old-fashioned thing, but the truth is they can extend the life of your mattress and even make your bed more comfortable. We sell mattress pads in our Waterbury and Newington stores, and we can attest to the fact that these aren't just some up-sell gimmick that you don't really need. Mattress pads are an almost necessary piece of bedding! First, they'll protect your…Read More