Originally, beds were positioned against walls, windows and sometimes doorways. Interior walls would be freezing for lack of insulation and sometimes would have cracks in them. Windows would be open to cool the room but instead, a cold draft would enter the room. Someone saw fit to fix this issue. A wood board was built to create a barrier from the wall, window and door to break the draft. As time went on, people saw fit not to position their beds in doorways and in front of windows any longer.

In modern culture, we’re now positioning beds just against walls. Fortunately, our walls today have insulation and sometimes have several layers between the interior and the outside. Headboards today are used for decorations and sometimes serves as the main attraction of the bedroom. They stop pillows from falling off the bed and give balance to someone sitting up. Also, if built with certain features, they can provide storage space and can have support and custom functions for personal care and conveniences.

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