Now that the new year is well underway, you may have already begun some of the changes you have decided to implement for the new year. You may have decided to change up your eating habits, plan for a trip you have always wanted to go on, and even get better sleep. While the last one many not be on the forefront of your mind and resolution list you should really reconsider. Make this the year you finally wake up well rested and ready to take on the world.

At Mattress for LESS in Newington, we believe you should value sleep as much as we do. Sleeping on a comfortable and amazing mattress can do wonders for other areas of your life. Feel healthier, less tired, and happier with the best mattress from us!

In this post, we are going to go over some of the incredible reasons why sleeping should be your new New Year’s resolution!

Keeps You Healthy

Many people start off the new year by wanting to be healthier overall. They may try out new diets, exercise routines, and a new mattress? With the correct amount of sleep your body needs on a comfortable and new mattress, your body is able to produce a hormone called ghrelin, which is directly responsible for those midnight cravings for cookies. Additionally, when you are getting the adequate amount of sleep the production of the hormone leptin decreases, causing less overeating throughout the day. More importantly, getting the right amount of sleep can also help with bigger picture issues such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and conditions like diabetes. Furthermore, sleeping boosts the immune system protecting you from nasty colds and viruses. Start getting the right amount of slumber and get a mattress from Mattress For LESS.

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Stay Focused

Ever have that “2 o’clock” feeling? You know, the feeling where you are extra sleepy when the middle of the day hits? This is due to lack of sleep, and you can prevent this unnerving part of the day! Stop with the coffee and energy drinks, invest in a good night’s sleep on a comfortable mattress to help get you through the day. Not sleeping an adequate amount can lead to headaches, which can halt you in your tracks. This creates more stress about not being able to get your daily activities done in a timely fashion. Sleeping will help with your clarity and keep you focused throughout the toughest part of the day; sleeping enough will also keep your memory game on point, never miss a meeting again!

Increase Happiness

Sleep has a bigger impact on our mood than we may believe. Getting the right amount of sleep will keep you more productive during daily activities, which will keep you more focused and overall happier. Sleep will also increase how you empathize with others and can directly create better communication between you and others. Sleeping on the right kind of mattress will aid you in getting the sleep your body and mind craves.

Increase Stamina

Like we stated before, feeling lethargic during the middle of the day doesn’t have to be a common occurrence. Getting the right amount of sleep will give you the motivation and energy to complete all tasks thrown your way. Don’t be a statistic in costing your employer valuable time and money, be an asset to your team by doing something so simple: Sleeping.

Improve Appearance

When you don’t get the right amount of sleep you may look a little ragged. You may have some heavy bags under your eyes, and you look as how you feel, and everyone notices. Your body is capable of regenerating skin cells as your body sleeps which helps you look younger longer. Not only can a deep slumber increase skin cell production it can also affect the collagen within your skin and keep it stronger longer!

These reasons should tell you why getting the correct amount of sleep, on an amazing mattress, is a must for 2017. At Mattress for LESS, we are the leaders in creating a great night’s sleep. Come speak to the experts on what kind of mattress and pillow is best for your in Newington!