With December quickly approaching, we can certainly tell that it is some people’s favorite time of the year. Christmas cookies, giving presents, and holiday traditions will be alive and well. Sometimes, people struggle with the gift-giving portion of the holiday season. Some thoughts that run through your head is; “Will they love it?” “ Is it something practical yet fun?” “ Is someone else going to get this particular gift?”

One thing you may have not considered is getting the person you love a new mattress from Mattress For LESS in Newington. A mattress may seem like a boring gift, but let’s lay down the facts: It’s practical. It’s fun. And it’s a unique gift. We know you love to get a great night’s sleep, so pass that onto your loved one this season.

Keep the one you love out of pain

We have concluded in another blog, how terrible it is to have a lousy mattress. A bad mattress can affect not only your back, but your overall health. Give your loved one a brand new mattress that will be sure to keep them smiling and sleeping soundly. Getting a good night’s rest is so important for many reasons:

  • Productivity
  • Staying healthy
  • Erasing discomfort
  • Increase memory
  • Help aging

With this list, your loved one will be thrilled that you got them a new mattress from Mattress For LESS in Newington this holiday season.

Make it an experience

Now this isn’t really something that Santa can fit under the tree, but the experience of giving the gift can be fun, all the same. Let your loved one know you are taking them somewhere as a surprise. They obviously will have no idea you are taking them to Mattress For LESS, but boy will they be excited when you walk into the store! Most people have a hard time making large purchases for themselves. So, if you know your loved one needs a new mattress, they will be so overcome with joy that you are offering to give them this gift, and take the expense and burden away from them.

If your loved one is someone who you are going to share the mattress with, pick it out together. Obviously make sure your significant other loves it first, but try and find something that fits both of your needs.

Surprise them!

If you aren’t into picking it out together, you can always get the mattress without them knowing. Coming to our store or shopping online, will give you the information you need to make an informed decision. You can set up the mattress when your loved one isn’t home, and then they can see it with their own eyes once you are ready to give them the surprise of the season! Plus, they can test it out right then and there, in the comfort of their own home.

Getting a mattress from Mattress For LESS in Newington may seem a little unconventional, but your loved one will appreciate the research and effort you put into the holidays this year. If you want to surprise your loved one or even bring them into our Newington location, give us a call! We can help you find the mattress that will set this holiday apart from the rest.